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Rose Quartz Aura Bottle Mini™ (Limited Edition)

Rose Quartz Aura Bottle Mini™ (Limited Edition)

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Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart, known to bring forth unconditional love, peace, and tranquility. This stone helps you to open your heart to find kindness, deep compassion, and acceptance from within. It promotes the giving and receiving of love, and also aids in the discovery of self-love. Sourced from Mozambique. 


  • Limited edition mini size makes it easier to carry in your handbag!

  • Enjoy crystal healing on the go, in the office & gym while saving the Earth with the reusable bottle.

  • Genuine crystal means they come in different colours, shapes and sizes. 

  • 350ml BPA-free & high borosilicate glass.

  • FREE black neoprene sleeve included.